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Shih Hsin University provides international students on-campus accommodation for their first-year study in the school. International students still can get full accommodation support after their first-year programs have finished. We hope all students could make most of their time at the University.

In general, the on-campus accommodation building is a four-story building. Each room is furnished with an individual single bunk bed, study desk, desk lamp, bookshelf, built-in wardrobe, air-conditioning, fan, and telephone. Besides, the dorm is equipped with public bathrooms and restrooms, coin-operated washing machines, tumble dryers, drinking fountain, and electricity. The price will be around NTD 12,000 (or USD 400) per semester.

International students will share the room with three other SHU students of the same gender. All dormitory rooms are allocated by the University and students cannot choose their roommates or accommodation buildings. Male and female students live in two separate dormitories. It is prohibited for male students to enter the female dormitory, and vice versa.