The nominees of the 56th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival have recently announced. Detention, directed by John HSU, alumnus of the Department of Radio, Television and Film, Shih Hsin University, leads with 12 nominations. Tom LIN Shu-yu, director of The Garden of Evening Mists, and HUNG Tzu-hsuan who directed the film of The Scoundrels, alumni of the Department of Radio, Television and Film, were nominated 9 and 6 awards respectively. Paradise Next, directed by HSIAO Jen-chieh, alumnus of the Department of Information Management, leads with Best Art Direction nomination. The four alumni stand out from the crowd, lead 28 awards in total! The Executive CommitteeRead More →

Dr. Dean Van Galen, President of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, visited Shih Hsin University on 20th September, 2019, along with his wife, Mrs. Mary Van Galen, and Vice-President, Mr. Rick Foy. Received by SHU President, Dr. Joe Y.C. Wu, and the Vice President, Dr. Jack Tzu-Hsiang Yu, the distinguished guests were also welcomed by Dr. Nathan C.H. Chow, Chairman of the Board and other Directors during the lunchtime.   Dr. Van Galen and all the guests visited Language Corner and SHU Student Restaurant to further interact with SHU students. He also gave praise to the cutting-edge equipment in Omni Media Building which provides studentsRead More →

How to report with feeling through camera? CNN’s International News anchor, Lynda Kinkade, suggested seeing the camera as your own mother. In the tutorial, students from Shih Hsin University took the opportunities to ask questions and do drill exercises with the CNN anchor. To better answer students’ questions, CNN decided to open extra courses, explaining and advising on how to apply for CNN’s Internship program. After establishing the first partnership in Taiwan with CNN, Dean of College of Journalism and Communications, John Wei-Chun Wen, and Professor SYYI TZENG, took 15 students to CNN headquarters for drill training. The courses are including, for instance, CNN’s SOP,Read More →

The President of the University of La Verne, Dr. Devorah Lieberman, and the Vice President, Dr. Sherri Mylott, once again visited Shih Hsin University on 17th June, 2019. Dr. Lieberman gave a speech on “The Principles of Effective Leadership” to all the administrative directors. Yeong-Chyan Wu, President of Shih Hsin University, led in the speech by giving a welcome remark to the distinguished guests. Dr. Lieberman, afterwards, shared her personal experiences in leaderships, including the principles of management, effective interdepartmental communications and cooperation and compatibility between supervisors and subordinates. Meanwhile, she also particularly mentioned about how university collaborates with community resources and alumni assistance to furtherRead More →

With the upgrade of hardware devices and the cooperation with International media, Shih Hsin University is going to provide better anchor training programs.   The College of Journalism and Communications of Shih Hsin University, with eight academic departments and 6,000 students in total, has been an important cradle of media practitioners in Taiwan. Many anchors, from radio programs to emerging social media, are graduates of Shin Hsin University   The Journalism and Communications curriculum of Shih Hsin University has the advantage of fruitful curriculum and a huge number of alumni. Furthermore, excellent courses and industry-academia cooperation have made the curriculum of journalism and communications inRead More →

International Student Ambassadors of Shih Hsin University visited the Polish Office in Taipei on 20thMarch to familiarize themselves with Polish history, culture and language. Led by the Office of International Affairs, there were around 15 students and staff attending the visit, two Polish exchange students included. The visit focused on the history and culture of Poland and it was hosted by Mrs. Olimpia Kot-Giletycz, Public and Cultural Diplomacy Expert in Consular Affairs. International Student Ambassador Program (ISAP), former Model United Nations (MUN), aims to assist the Office of International Affairs to deal with international affairs, including reception of foreign guests, services for foreign students, etc..Read More →