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Dream Come True Scholarship Program

Start Date:Mid September, 2021


SHU provides 20 scholarship quota.

  • Free tuition and dormitory fee in the first year
  • Full support on Mandarin learning
  • Scholarship with up to USD4000 for the first year
  • Waiver of Dominantly fees worth of USD1800 for the first year
  • Full support on school part-time jobs and internship up to USD6 per hour

*Student should apply for scholarship every year, the Scholarship Committee will review applicant's performance of previous academic year.


  • Eligible International student enrolled as SHU freshman and is not a grantee of Taiwanese government.
  • Citizens from specific countries, excluding Malaysia and Mainland China.


  • Tuition Fee: NTD84,864/year (Around USD2,829)
  • Miscellaneous Fee: NTD28,856/year (Around USD961)
  • Dormitory Fee: NTD5,000-8,000/month (Around USD166-266)


If you have Chinese language competency, you can choose all the programs that are provided; If you are not familiar with Chinese language, there are two English programs for you.

CollegeDepartmentBachelor DegreeMaster DegreeDoctoral Degree

Language of Instruction
Language of Instruction
College of Journalism and CommunicationsDepartment of Journalism*International Elite Scholarship Program
Department of Radia, Television and Film*International Elite Scholarship Program
Department of Graphic Communication and Digital Publishing*International Elite Scholarship Program
Department of Public Relations & Advertising*International Elite Scholarship Program
Department of Speech Communication*International Elite Scholarship Program
Department of Information and Communication*International Elite Scholarship Program
Department of Digital Multimedia Arts*International Elite Scholarship Program
Department of Communications Management*International Elite Scholarship Program
Ph.D. in Communication Studies
College of ManagementDepartment of Information Management
Department of Finance
Department of Public Policy and Management
Department of Tourism
Department of Economics
Department of Business Administration
College of the Humanities and Social SciencesDepartment of Social Psychology
Department of English
Department of Chinese Literature
Department of Japanese Language and Literature
Graduate Institute for Gender Studies
Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies
College of LawDepartment of Law
Graduate Institute for Intellectual Property Rights


【How to Apply】

💡 Important Dates and Deadlines

Schedule of the Application Date
Online application December 31, 2021 ~ April 8, 2021
Deadline of application December  31, 2021 ~ April 8, 2021
Notification of acceptance on the SHU Website April 30, 2021
Beginning of the semester September, 2021

*Application Fee: Free


Step 1

Please make sure that you are eligible to apply as an international student (see Admissions Handbook P. 9 ~P. 10).

Step 2

Please fill out the international student application form via SHU’s online system, and sign your name on all documents. After completion, online applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail from Shih Hsin University.

Step 3

The application package must be submitted in person or mailed by registered mail to Shih Hsin University by April 8, 2021. Please attach the Application Cover Sheet on the registration envelope in your application package.

Step 4

The Recruiting Committee shall announce the admissions and send out admission notices on April 30th 2021. Also, the admissions will be posted on the SHU website (Department, name, and nationality). Please use the Internet to check your admission status.

For more information:


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More information about Shih Hsin University


Introduction of SHU


Shih Hsin University (SHU) was established in 1956, which has nurtured numerous media talents for a semicentennial. The mission of SHU is "Combining academic knowledge with learning skills, morality with intelligence, as well as hands and minds working together”. SHU has stayed true to this mission to nurture both moral integrity and intellectual capabilities of students, and to integrate theoretical knowledge and practical skills in teaching. Starting from nurturing media talents, SHU has developed as an omni media higher education and keeps growing steadily as a comprehensive university in all aspects. Not only keeps SHU cultivating more media talents for the country, but also training professionals on all aspects.


Shih Hsin University is located at Wenshan District in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. With the convenient transportation system, SHU is just nearby Jing Mei Metro Station with 10 minutes walking distance.  Nearby the university, there are many bus stops and public bike rental places. It only takes 15 minutes by bus from SHU to downtown city. In addition, Jing Mie night market area and Gongguan shopping area also make student life more convenient.

【Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language was founded in November 2014. Our immediate goal is to provide Chinese language classes for foreign students now studying at Shih Hsin University, such as exchange students from the partner universities. Meanwhile, we actively work to provide for our Shih Hsin graduates a new career path–teaching Chinese as a second language. More importantly, we organize a teaching team to start our Chinese Summer School which we open to all colleges worldwide welcoming them to bring their students here to our campus for intensive Chinese language training.

【Language Center

The Language Center was founded in 1991 to develop and promote an environment favorable for learning English. Over the years it has expanded to include other languages such as German, Korean, and Malay for approximately 2,600 students per semester with an attempt to equip them with the language skills and cultural knowledge necessary to succeed in a global workplace.

Instructors at the Language Center use diverse teaching methods to ensure students stay interested and focused on the learning objectives. Advocating a communicative approach to language teaching, instructors use a variety of techniques such as pair work, group work, and mingling activities. To facilitate this, teachers make use of the multimedia equipment present in all of the Language Center’s classrooms. All of these factors combine to create a relaxed and fruitful learning environment.

【Omni Media Center

Omni Media Center was founded in 2019. It’s the first internship center that profoundly integrates industry, university, and research to nurture media convergence talents. The Omni Media Center has Virtual Film Studio, VR/AR Production, 3D Scanning and Modeling Zone, Panoramic Projection Area, Music Composing, Sound Designing and Recording Zone, Live Streaming Zone, Omni-Media News Zone, 4D Screening Room, and the Exhibition and Experiences Area. It provides students the best learning environment with its latest hi-tech equipment.

【Shih Hsin Radio Station

The Shih Hsin Radio Station’s first official broadcast was aired in 1958 on September 1, celebrated in Taiwan as Journalists Day. It was the first radio station in Taiwan established as a school affiliate with the purpose of offering students internship and research opportunities. Shih Hsin is also the only current school radio station not with AM and FM broadcasts but also with Digital Audio Broadcasting and Web Broadcasting.

In addition to serving its listeners with programs, the radio station’s primary purpose is to coordinate with related academic departments and schools at the University to provide rigorous training of broadcast workers and nurture outstanding talents for hire by the country’s radio station. In order to fulfill the school’s role in media education, the radio station has integrated and taken advantage of resources from various departments and schools, guiding and training all interested students who wish to develop a second specialty in radio broadcasting, to provide additional career choices and competitive advantages in the job market.


The number of domestic students is around 11,000, including 10,262 studying in Day School and 1,134 in the Division of Continuing Education. Also, there are 800 international students enrolled in Shih Hsin University, coming from Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia to name a few.

As the international exchange, Shih Hsin University is continuing establishing partnership with universities and institutions around the world, including for example, Japan, South Korea, China, the U.S., the U.K., France, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia and so on. With the sustained growth of academic exchange, there are 85 outgoing students and 60 incoming students every academic semester.


Campus Life


Shih Hsin University provides international students accommodation for their first-year study in the school. International students still can get full accommodation support after their first-year programs have finished. We hope all students could make the most of their time at the university.

Each room is furnished with an individual single bunk bed, study desk, desk lamp, bookshelf, built-in wardrobe, air-conditioner, and fan. Besides, the dorm is equipped with public bathrooms and restrooms, coin-operated washing machines, tumble dryers, drinking fountains, and electricity. There are single rooms, double rooms and quad rooms that students can choose from.

【Student Clubs】

Shih Hsin University has over 80 student clubs, including arts, sports, services, entertainment, friendship and other fields. The student clubs are not only an essential part of the campus culture but also an integral part of the students’ campus life. SHU is famous for its abundant student activities and outstanding performances on and off campus.

In addition to diversities of student clubs, SHU also has student association to enrich and better students’ life, which ensures students to enjoy the best time at SHU.

【Healthcare and Welfare Support】

In order to make you feel at home, Shih Hsin University has been devoted to providing international students with welfare support, including the following services:

  • Healthcare:Healthcare services are convenient and affordable in Taiwan. All international students will receive the same level of healthcare as Taiwanese students. Also, there is a Health Center located in She-Wo Building in Shih Hsin University. Each nursing staff will offer healthcare to all students, staff, and visitors at the university.
  • Career and Employment Service:The university will help you find both part-time jobs and internships, and offer career planning services. International students must abide by the regulations related to employment in Taiwan in accordance with the Employment Service Act (ESA).
  • Residential Support and Off-Campus Support:Whether you live on or off campus, the university can help you settle into your new life in Taiwan and SHU.
  • Disability Service:In order to facilitate disabled students to study at SHU, the university offers all-round support. However, please let us know your personal needs before you apply for the university.
  • Student Counselling Service:Shih Hsin University sets up a counseling center to provide advice and guidance for all students in the university. The counseling items range from self-knowledge, life, study, emotion, interpersonal relationships, family, career, to other aspects. You could visit the center at any time or make an appointment for counseling services via e-mail and other social networks.
  • Overseas Student Service Center:The Overseas Student Service Centre, a division of the Office of International Affairs, located in She-Wo Building, is willing to provide all of your non-academic related inquiries. The Center can provide advice and support on accommodation, student cards, enrolment, orientation, student activities, and so on.

【 Transportation】

  • Taipei Metro Transportation (MRT)

The Taipei Metro system, called the Mass Rapid Transit or MRT, is the easiest and fastest way to get around Taipei. SHU is near Jingmei station on the Songshan-Xindian line and is a 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from Exit 2. The student ID card is also the MRT Easycard. Students can top up directly onto their SHU student ID cards at all MRT stations and convenience stores.

Taipei Metro Route Map & Timetables

Taipei Metro Website

  • Bus

Taking buses is another way to get around Taipei. There are a couple of buses to take to SHU.

To Shih Hsin University

Bus stop : Shih Hsin University

Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12、Br22

Sin Dian Bus: 647

Zhinan Bus: 660、933


 To SHU College of Management Building

Bus stop :Fuxing Police Station

Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12、Br22

Sin Dian Bus: 647

Zhinan Bus: 660、933


Bus stops : Examination Yuan

Shin-Shin Bus: 251、666、671、915、Br6、Br12

Sin Dian Bus: 647

Zhinan Bus: 660、933



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