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Shih Hsin University regularly welcomes visiting scholars, visiting research professors, and visiting exchange professors, who stay at SHU for periods which vary from two weeks to a semester (or more, in some exceptional cases).  Visitors may be established academics, post-doctoral researchers or doctoral students, and as well as accessing SHU libraries, they make an active contribution to our research culture, participating in seminars, auditing taught courses, interacting with relevant specialists, and so forth. Visitors must be received by a faculty member who is willing to act as an adviser to the proposed research project.

Visitors do not have faculty status, nor do they have access to office space, telephones, or secretarial services.As non-employees, they have no teaching or other responsibilities and are not entitled to salary or housing. Visiting scholars, visiting research professors, and visiting exchange professors covered by this program may not in any way perform in the role of an employee at Shih Hsin  University. 

Required Documents:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Faculty certificate in Home Institute
  3. Statement of Purpose
  4. Copy of passport-Personal information page 
  5. Health Certificate
  6. Copy of oversea incident and medical insurance
  7. One digital personal photo (3.5cm*4.5cm)

Please submit all the required documents to Ms. Vicky Wu (


Shih Hsin University do not have responsibility to offer free accommodation for visitors, nor find the off-campus housing for them. Visitors can apply school dormitory, the fee for school dormitory is NTD10,000/month for one single room.


Visitors should buy the incident and medical insurance by themselves before arriving SHU. Visitors can go to on-campus Health & Hygiene Center  for free health consulting, but SHU do not in charge of other fees in which is caused off-campus and hospitals.  

Library , Campus Wi-Fi and Research Room 

Shih Hsin University will help visitors to apply library card, free campus Wi-Fi and one research room after visitors arrive SHU.

  • Visitor Visa is required for all short-term visitors with non-R.O.C. citizenship. Since it may require from a few days up to several weeks to obtain a visitor visa depending on your location, it is imperative to inquire as early as possible to access to the nearest Taiwan embassy or the consulate of Taiwan (the Republic of China) in your country for detailed and accurate information.
  • Resident Visa:Foreign nationals, who hold ordinary passports or other legal travel documents, who intend to stay in the Republic of China for more than six months for the purpose of participating in international exchange programs are required to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate and Re-entry Permit at local service centers of the National Immigration Agency within 15 days starting from the next day of their arrival. They may stay in the ROC as long as the Alien Resident Certificate remains valid.