Innovation and Entrepreneurship of professors of Shih Hsin University

Struggling to boost professional skills during the pandemic period

By Vicky W.C Wu

Under the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, the professors of Shih Hsin University continue teaching and learning during the summer vacation. They adopt the policy which combines distance learning and in-person classes, at the same time, they also struggle to take education training so that their teaching can couple with the latest equipment of the University.

Forgiving the professional courses with the latest international filming technology to students in the coming semester, professors from the Department of Radio, Television and Film, the department of Digital Multimedia Arts, and the Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing took two-month intensive education training as their original schedule since the beginning of summer vacation. According to the plan and construction progress on the Virtual Studio in which people can do real-time filmmaking through the unreal engine with 360-degree indoor LED screen, Shih Hsin University plans to have dozens of courses in there in the coming semester. To enrich and reinforce the teaching content combined with the tide of world development, 34 professors and employees were taking education training and practice in the temporary simulated studio and different computer labs to ensure the new courses can go smoothly.


The president of Shih Hsin University, Dr. Yeong-Chyan Wu, has observed the situation of training these days. He praised for professors’ and employees’ proactive attitude on the education training of this summer. He said that Shih Hsin University built the Omni-Media Building, E-learning Center for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, and other six research centers in recent years under the support of the board of directors and its chairman-Dr. Nathan C. H. Chow to train students professional skills before they graduate. The education training is for the innovative teaching on filmmaking, advertising photography, and game development for the 2021 fall semester. Thank every administrative office for planning this training and pandemic prevention works.

On the aspect of nurturing film industry talents, Shih Hsin University continuously expands new horizons of productions. The director of Omni-Media Center of Shih Hsin University, Dr. Hsueh-Sheng Chen, expressed his opinion regarding this training, “Under the severe market conditions, the University invests a lot of money as more than the scale of education and industry in the latest technology. The early deployment of core courses leads professors and students to step forward. I look forward to the further and multiple cooperation.”

The chair of the Department of Graphic Communications and Digital Publishing, Dr. Chien-Tu Lai, who has more than 30 years of teaching experience at well-known cross-strait universities, also participated in this professional training. He said impressively, “It’s my first time to realize the capacity of the university. The university invests so many resources in the teaching environment. I admire the perspective of university leaders. It’s a precious opportunity for students to have a learning environment with equipment of international standard.” Lai observed that professors of related areas participate in this training proactively and have a passion for learning.

The chair of the Department of Radio, Television and Film, Dr. Chi-Ku Ye, told that the environment of video production has changed a lot as the high-tech develops, that Shih Hsin University will continuously lead the teaching with the characteristic of future development, that the innovation of students and professors will create the possibility of technology. He indicated that video production with international standards also reflects a problem in the technics of the division of professional work. For this reason, we gather the professors from the Department of Radio, Television and Film, the department of Digital Multimedia Arts, and the Department of Graphic Communication and Digital Publishing to divide work. We look forward to the creative products and the display of virtual art just after the Virtual Studio is ready.