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In order to expand international exchange and cooperation and implement internationalization of the campus, the University sets up the Office of International Exchange Affairs in February 2018. Upholding the principles of all-parties participation by teachers and students and administration cooperation, and to promote all aspects of international exchange and cooperation in the hope of broadening the international horizons of teachers and students, as well as to enhance the international image and visibility of the University.


▋Organizations & Responsibilities

At the present, the Office has one chief, i.e. the Dean, of international affairs, and three administrative staff.


According to the business plan, the Office has two divisions, i. e., international exchange, and international service. The International Exchange Division is responsible for the cooperation between Shih Hsin University and foreign universities, to deal with exchange and visit affairs with foreign sister schools, to host foreign guests, to handle school-wide international activities, and other matters related to international exchange. The International Service Division is responsible for providing counseling and services for foreign students, dealing with admission, enrollment, and scholarships for foreign students, establishing international alumni databases, as well as helping with SHU students applying for international exchange programmes.