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New Media Convergence Module

CollegeCourse CodeCourseCreditFall SemesterSpring SemesterCourse SyllabusRemark
Journalism & CommunicationsSPCM24701A1News broadcast and Hosting Practice2Tue. 06-07Not openNews broadcast and Hosting PracticeNew course in 2020 fall semester
Journalism & CommunicationsRTF25404A1Audio-Video Editing2Mon. 03-04Not openAudio-Video EditingNew course in 2020 fall semester
Journalism & CommunicationsMULT42601A1Planning and Proposing Digital Media2Mon. 03-04Not openPlanning and Proposing Digital Media
Journalism & CommunicationsCMD23301A1 English for Communications Management Major3Mon 06-08Mon 06-08English for Communications Management MajorNew course in 2020 fall semester

*It was "Media Management Planning"
Journalism & CommunicationsJOUR33001A1An Integrated Approach to Journalistic English3Mon. 02-04Not openAn Integrated Approach to Journalistic EnglishNew course in 2020 fall semester. There will be a test on first week, please must show up or teacher has right to refuse your attendance.
Journalism & CommunicationsJOUR36001A1News Reporting and Writing English2Not openTue. 03-04
Journalism & CommunicationsRTF12705A1Basic Photography for Film and Video2Not openMon. 10-11Basic Photography for Film and Video
Journalism & CommunicationsRTF28102A1Multimedia creative development and writing2Not openThu. 10-11

Marketing and Management Module

CollegeCourse CodeCourseCreditFall SemesterSpring SemesterCourse SyllabusRemark
Journalism & CommunicationsPRAD24801A1Advertising Persuasion2Fri 06-07 Not openAdvertising Persuasion
Journalism & CommunicationsPRAD25101A1Public Relations2Tue 06-07 Mon. 03-04Public Relations
Journalism & CommunicationsPRAD32901A1Consumer Culture2Thu. 03-04Not openConsumer Culture
Journalism & CommunicationsPRAD24701A1Popular Culture2Not openFri. 06-07Popular Culture
Journalism & CommunicationsPRAD25001A1Global Marketing2Not openThu. 08-09Global Marketing
Journalism & CommunicationsPRAD24901A1Brand Management2Mon 01-02 Fri. 06-07Brand Management
ManagementINF43601A1Customer Relationship Management3Not openThu. 06-08Customer Relationship Management
ManagementTOUR53301M1Tourism Resources Planning and Management3Not openMon. 08-10 Master
ManagementECON55101M1Topics in Taiwan’s Economic Development3Not openThu. 11-13Master

Literature and Culture Module

CollegeCourse CodeCourseCreditFall SemesterSpring SemesterCourse SyllabusRemark
Humanities & Social SciencesCHI22101A1Chinese Essays in English Translation2Not openMon. 08-09
Humanities & Social SciencesENG30502A1 Survey of English Literature2Fri 01-02Not openSurvey of English Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesENG30501A1Survey of English Literature2Tue. 01-02Not openSurvey of English Literature
Humanities & Social SciencesENG31402A1 Survey of American Literature2Wed 01-02 Not openSurvey of American Literature
General StudiesGENS12201A1Contemporary Anglo-American Poetry2Not openWed 03-04
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG21301A1American Film and Culture2Mon. 06-07Mon. 06-07American Film and Culture
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG21401A1British film and culture2Mon. 06-07Mon. 06-07British film and culture
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG21601A1British/American Language and Popular Culture2Wed. 01-02Wed. 01-02British/American Language and Popular Culture
General StudiesGENS60601A1Reading Classics Written in English2Mon. 08-09Not openReading Classics Written in English

Chinese Language Courses

CollegeCourse CodeCourseCreditFall SemesterSpring SemesterCourse SyllabusRemark
Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second LanguageISC4A401A1Primary Chinese8Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu.
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu.
Primary Chinese
Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second LanguageISC4A601A1Intermediate Chinese8Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri.
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri.
Intermediate Chinese
Center for Teaching Chinese as a Second LanguageISC3D701Advanced Chinese4Tue. & Fri. 06-07Tue. & Fri. 06-07Advanced Chinese

CollegeCourse CodeCourseCreditFall SemesterSpring SemesterCourse SyllabusRemark
General StudiesGNDR57001M1Law’s Love Stories: Narrative, and the Legal Case Seminar2Thu 06-08Not openLaw’s Love Stories: Narrative, and the Legal Case Seminar
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20401A1Intermediate English Usage2Tue 03-04 Tue. 06-07Intermediate English Usage
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20402A1Intermediate English Usage2Tue. 06-07Tue. 06-07Intermediate English Usage
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20403A1Intermediate English Usage2Wed 08-09Fri. 08-09Intermediate English Usage
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20404A1Intermediate English Usage2Fri 08-09 Wed.08-09Intermediate English Usage
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20501A1Advanced English Usage2Mon 06-07 Mon. 06-07Advanced English Usage
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20702A1German for Beginners2Mon 08-09Not openGerman for Beginners
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20701A1German for Beginners2Mon 06-07 Mon. 06-07German for Beginners
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG20801A1German Basic2Not openMon. 08-09German Basic
Humanities & Social SciencesENG10601A1English Phonetics2Mon 06-07Not openEnglish Phonetics
Humanities & Social SciencesENG10602A1English Phonetics2Tue 03-04Not openEnglish Phonetics
Humanities & Social SciencesLANG22201A1French for Beginners2Mon 03-04 Not openFrench for Beginners
Humanities and Social SciencesLANG21501A1Language, media and communication2Fri 03-04Fri. 03-04Language, media and communication
Humanities and Social SciencesSTS57701M1Seminar on Political Development3Not openTue. 09-11Seminar on Political DevelopmentMaster
Journalism and CommunicationsCMD22101A2English for Communications Management Major3Not openThu. 06-08English for Communications Management Major
Journalism and CommunicationsGRP62901M2 Independent Study Ⅱ1Not openThu. 03-04Independent Study IIMaster
Journalism and CommunicationsJOUR33301A1Oral Training in English2Thu 03-04 Mon. 03-04Oral Training in English
Journalism and CommunicationsMULT41801A1English in Digital Media Arts2Not openMon. 03-04English in Digital Media Arts
Journalism and CommunicationsRTF28701A1 Radio-TV-Film English2Not openFri. 08-09Radio-TV-Film English
Journalism and CommunicationsRTF28702A1Radio-TV-Film English2Not openThu. 08-09Radio-TV-Film English
Journalism and CommunicationsSPCM32801A1Applied Public Speaking2Not openFri. 06-07Applied Public Speaking
Journalism and CommunicationsJOUR35801A1Course Proposal/Syllabus for READINGS ON JOURNALISTIC CLASSICS2Fri 03-04Not openCourse Proposal/Syllabus for READINGS ON JOURNALISTIC CLASSICS
Journalism and CommunicationsRTF27001A1Media English2Wed 08-09Not openMedia English
Journalism and CommunicationsRTF27002A1Media English2Thu 08-09 Not openMedia English
Journalism and CommunicationsPRAD26501A1Professional English2Thu 03-04 Not openProfessional English
Journalism and CommunicationsPRAD26502A1Professional English2Wed 08-09 Not openProfessional English
Journalism and CommunicationsGRP62901M1 Graphic Communication Seminar Ⅱ2Thu 06-07Not openGraphic Communication Seminar IIMaster
LawIPR52001M1Legal Writing0Not openMon. 08-09Legal WritingMaster
LawLAW21701A1Legal English2Mon 03-04 Not openLegal English
ManagementPPM33601A1Applied English Writing2Not openThu. 08-09Applied English Writing
ManagementDBA61501M1Strategic Management3Not openTue. 02-04Strategic ManagementMaster
ManagementFIN54201M1Financial Text Mining3Not openFri. 02-04Financial Text MiningMaster
ManagementFIN64701M1Algorithmic Trading3Wed 08-10 Not openAlgorithmic TradingMaster
ManagementDBA21201C1Business English I3Sat 02-04Not openBusiness English I


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