With the upgrade of hardware devices and the cooperation with International media, Shih Hsin University is going to provide better anchor training programs.


The College of Journalism and Communications of Shih Hsin University, with eight academic departments and 6,000 students in total, has been an important cradle of media practitioners in Taiwan. Many anchors, from radio programs to emerging social media, are graduates of Shin Hsin University


The Journalism and Communications curriculum of Shih Hsin University has the advantage of fruitful curriculum and a huge number of alumni. Furthermore, excellent courses and industry-academia cooperation have made the curriculum of journalism and communications in Shih Hsin University outstanding and distinguished. For example, Shih Hsin University has been committed for a long time promoting the “Dragon Anchor” project, by the budget the f Promoting Teaching Excellence Universities program of Ministry of Education (MOE). In response to the advancement of new communication technologies, Shih Hsin University offers Omnimedia Anchor Training Course every semester. With the establishment of the partnership with CNN this March and the operation of Omnimedia Building, the anchor training courses of Shih Hsin University is keeping up with times.


The Omnimedia Building of Shih Hsin University is the first media center in Taiwan with spaces of diverse profreeional facilities, including dynamic capture and virtual studio, virtual reality image and mold scanning professional classroom, light sculpture projection and interactive teaching area, music and sound teaching area, digital audio and video streaming area, media news teaching area, test room, outcome display and experience area, and so on. Additionally, the partnership with CNN manifests the combination of communication technologies and current trends.

Si, An-Hong, anchor of  TTV and alumni of Shih Hsin University, invited to give guidance at media news teaching area in Omnimedia Building.

Students of Shih Hsin University are using CNN sources to learn about news broadcasting.