With an ethereal, honey-like voice, Pan Yueqin covered Teresa Teng’s trademark song, “I Only Care About You,” leaving the audience intoxicated by her skills. Over 300 contestants were attracted by the “Eternal Superstar Teresa Teng Singing Competition” hosted by the government of Yunlin County. Twenty singers advanced to the finals, and Pan Yueqin, a Malaysian Chinese student from Shih Hsin University, won the championship.

Pan Yueqin, a student of the Department of Radio, Television and Film at Shih Hsin University commented, “When I received the award, I had tears in my eyes. Everyone was very supportive. By succeeding, I feel that I made a little contribution to give back to them.”

Recalling the moment she won the championship, Pan Yueqin says she is still deeply moved. She was influenced a lot by her parents and grandmother since childhood, and she also enjoys Teresa Teng’s music very much. She won the favor of the judges, and through the competition she sang this song dedicated to missing her family.

Pan Yueqin, said, “My mother told me the day before that I must put my heart into this. I often have competitions, and will receive advice in many aspects. My family is very happy, very excited, and congratulated me while watching the live broadcast.”

Singing since childhood, Pan Yueqin has won numerous awards for her singing skills!

Pan Yueqin studies in the Radio Division of Shih Hsin University’s Radio, Television, and Film Department and has loved singing since she was a child. She has participated in many singing competitions and school performances. In December of last year, she won third place in the singing group at the Talent Awards. This year, she participated in the Malaysian Online Language Song Writing Competition. The self-composed song “Mei Zai” won the “Producer’s Most Wanted Singer Award,” and she was able to film a personal music video. Before graduating, she realized her dream of becoming a singer and won first place in Teresa Teng’s singing competition. In addition to being able to sing, she is also able to write fluidly.

Pan Yueqin said, “I chose the album method to complete my graduation program in my senior year. I learned a lot about arranging music because of it. Apart from arranging and singing, how can I learn more about music? The whole production process was also very rewarding.”

Her full-length creation album is carefully planned; Pan Yueqin has high hoped for her first impression among the public.

Fourth year student-producer Pan Yueqin and four classmates composed, “Plain Colors.” The album of the same name contains six songs under a variety of genres. The inspiration was drawn from Taiwan’s “golden songs” of pop music, with the creators aiming to remind listeners to not worry about the troubles in life.

“Because our team members like listening to old songs, we decided the the album would take inspiration from the spirit of folk songs in the 1980s,” Pan Yueqin explained, “Although the styles of these six songs are very different, I believe that when you listen to them, you will hear the message we want to deliver.”

Her love for music has not changed since she was a child. Soon to graduate, she revealed that she will continue to stay in Taiwan to pursue her dreams in the future, with high hopes of developing a pathway aimed towards the broadcasting or music industry. She wants to encourage her younger siblings to make good use of their free time, to discover what it is that they wish to do in life, and to gain more experience in college. She believes that with these thoughts, everyone can be prepared to enter the working society.