Q1. How can I complete the online declaration of Quarantine System for
Entry? What documents do I need to prepare?
In response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), Taiwan has established the
Quarantine System for Entry (referred to as the Entry Quarantine System).
※ Please prepare the following documents before logging into the system:
(1) COVID-19 PCR test result within two days prior to boarding;
(2) Confirmation of your quarantine program (please book a quarantine hotel in
advance if you plan to quarantine in a hotel; if you plan to quarantine at home or
a residence of your family or friends, please make sure the principle of one person
per residence is met);
(3) Personal passport.
Step 1: As long as you enter Taiwan from abroad, you can use your smartphone to
make an online health declaration within 48 hours before your flight arrives in Taiwan
and fill in your health status and travel history; the Entry Quarantine System can help
speed up your customs clearance when entering the country. You only need to scan
the QR Code directly with your smartphone or click on the following link:
https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/ to visit the system.
Step 2: Make sure that your phone number can send and receive text messages
normally. Connect to the Internet through free Wi-Fi provided by the airport or
international roaming service on your phone and log into the Entry Quarantine System
to complete the online declaration. After these steps, the system will send a text
message to your mobile phone when your flight arrives in Taiwan.
Step 3: Enter data into each field to complete the online declaration.
Step 4: Present the “Departure Place Declaration Certificate” to airline ground staff for
confirmation when you check in at an oversea airport.
Step 5: Turn on your phone after arriving in Taiwan, and an electronic health
declaration receipt will be sent to your phone via text message. And show your health
declaration receipt on your mobile phone for verification by on-site quarantine
Q2. Why can’t I receive the text messages? How do I solve this problem?
If you have correctly completed the declaration form on the Entry Quarantine System,
the system will not send a text message until you arrive in Taiwan. If you still cannot
receive the text message after arrival, you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot
the problem:
1. Check the accuracy of your personal information
(1) Check whether your passport number or resident certificate number on the
Entry Quarantine System is consistent with that used when purchasing your
flight ticket. In addition, check whether your mobile phone number or country
code (e.g. +886) is correct.
(2) Please check again whether the mobile phone number inputted into the Entry
Quarantine System is correct before you submit your personal information.
(3) If you are not an R.O.C (Taiwan) national, please click the “No Passport Click
Here” button, and the system will automatically fill in your passport number.
2. SMS settings for sending and receiving messages on your mobile phone
(1) Please make sure that your phone can normally make and receive calls or send
and receive text messages. If your phone is set to airplane mode during the
flight, please turn off airplane mode and restart your phone to send and
receive text messages normally.
(2) Please check your phone’s brand and model and whether it has a message
filtering function; if you have a Huawei phone (call settings → menu →
harassment interception) or a Xiaomi phone (security center → harassment
interception → settings).
3. Please ask airport quarantine personnel to use the troubleshooting function. After
verifying your passport number, name, and other information, a text message will
be sent to you.
Q3. How can I modify the information that has been inputted into the
Quarantine System for Entry?
Visit the homepage of the “Quarantine System for Entry ” and click “Data Modification”
in the upper left corner of the page. Fill in the ” Passport No. “, ” Date of birth “, and
“Delivered Data” fields and click “Confirm”. After these steps, you can begin modifying
your personal information.
Q4. Is there a penalty for failure to make a health declaration on the
Quarantine System for Entry?
According to Article 58 of Communicable Disease Control Act, travelers arriving in
Taiwan are required to truthfully complete a health declaration form on the system
and abide by home quarantine and self-health management measures. Any person
who refuses to follow, evades, or obstructs these measures or provides inaccurate or
false information on the health declaration form is subject to a fine ranging from NT$
10,000 to 150,000. Those who violate quarantine regulations are subject to a fine
ranging from NT$ 100,000 to 1,000,000.
Q5. Can passengers share mobile phones?
In order to carry out digital tracking and follow-up care at the community level,
inbound passengers are required to have a phone number of a telecom service
provider in Taiwan (a SIM card can be purchased at the airport of arrival in Taiwan) and
to use their personal mobile phone (1 person, 1 phone) to make the health declaration.
However, under special circumstances (for example, the passenger is a child under 12
years old) and when the passenger will undergo home quarantine with another person
in the same location, they can complete the health declaration through a shared
mobile phone.
Q6. If I have a mobile phone number for international roaming, why do
I need to apply for a domestic mobile phone number when entering the
1. As long as your mobile phone has international roaming, you will receive text
messages, but the roaming number cannot be effectively used for personal health
monitoring and follow-up care after you enter the country. Therefore, inbound
passengers must apply for a Taiwan mobile phone number to facilitate the
management and support care services provided by the civil affairs bureau and local
borough chief.
2. You should use a Taiwan mobile phone number to make a health declaration and
receive an electronic health declaration receipt. If you do not have a Taiwan mobile
phone number, you can make your declaration with your roaming number at the
place of departure (an overseas station of the airline company). Once you arrive in
Taiwan, you will need to purchase a SIM card of a Taiwan telecom service provider
at the airport of arrival and install it before entering the country.
Q7. I have been living abroad for a long time, and my Taiwan mobile
phone SIM card has expired or has been disabled, what should I do?
You can apply for a new SIM card to a telecom service provider on site (near the place
where you submit your quarantine notice), or apply to reactivate your SIM card.
Q8. What should children under 18 who have lived overseas for a long
time do if they plan to come back to Taiwan on their own but they don’t
have a Taiwan SIM card or mobile phone number?
According to the National Communications Commission (NCC), minors are allowed to
apply for a domestic mobile phone number if they can provide two ID documents and
those of their legal representative. Overseas students may have school personnel act
as their legal representative if they have difficulty obtaining these documents of their
parents. In addition, some telecom service providers offer cell phone rental service.
Q9. Can my family members use my personal information for the health
No. Your family members cannot fill in your personal information on their health
declaration form for entry. Each person coming to Taiwan needs to provide their own
ID number, passport number, and date of birth when they make their health
Q10. For passengers arriving in Taiwan via a third place from the place
of departure, which flight number should be entered in the Entry
Quarantine System?
According to the current regulations, passengers should use their mobile phone to
complete the declaration on the Entry Quarantine System before boarding their plane.
Therefore, passengers should provide their flight number they take at the actual place
of departure (not place of transit) on the Entry Quarantine System. For example, a
passenger departs from Paris, France on flight MM99, then transfers to Hong Kong,
and takes flight KK123 to Taiwan. This person should select France for the
Country/Region of Departure and provide the number of the departure flight (MM99).