Under the trend of globalization, there are more opportunities for partnership with the youth from different countries on international affairs. In response to the SDGs proposed by the UN, Taiwan Ministry of Education will be holding the 2021 Global Youth Trends Forum, and the theme of the forum will be “Global Partnership – The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Youth.” Through the sharing of experts and the discussions between young participants, we will be exploring the impact faced by young people during and after the pandemic within the context of globalization, and discussing relevant countermeasures. We hope that the discussion between experts and young participants will motivate youth to engage in society and develop mutually beneficial partnerships to make the world a better place.

#2021GlobalYouthTrendsForum invites you to face the impact of COVID-19 with global youth. Watch the live stream and we can make the world lively again!

⭓ Theme: Global Partnership – The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Youth

▎Live stream on YDA YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/YYoprEUqRtM

▎Date & Time:

1. Session 1: Oct. 9, Sat., 10:10-12:30 (UTC+8)

2. Session 2: Nov. 13, Sat., 10:10-12:30 (UTC+8)

▎Moderators: Catherine & Howard


⊚ 10/9

1. Chien-Jen Chen, Distinguished Research Professor of Academia Sinica Genomics Research Center

2. Jan Owen, Co-chair & Co-convenor of Learning Creates Australia and The former CEO of Foundation for Young Australians

3. Meg Zeenat Wamithi, Representative of One Young World and Founder & CEO of MindMappe

4. Kwangyin Liu, Senior Writer & English website editor of CommonWealth Magazine

⊚ 11/13

1. Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister

2. Ping-Cheng Yeh, Professor of National Taiwan University

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