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Useful Off-Campus Information

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Family Mart


Yes Chain Pharmacy (躍獅連鎖藥局)

Community Pharmacy (康宜庭藥局)

Taipei Tzuchi Hospital (臺北慈濟醫院)

  • Official Site:
  • Address: No.289, Jianguo Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231
  • Tel: 02 6628 9779

Jing Mei Hospital 景美醫院

  • Official Site:
  • Address: No.280, Sec. 6, Roosevelt Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116
  • Tel: 02 2933 1010

Chiuan Shin Polyclinic 全心醫學聯合診所

  • Official Site:
  • Address: 2F., No.407, Sec. 6, Roosevelt Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 11674
  • Tel: 02 2933 2010

Vegetarian Restaurants


Jingmei Night Market/ Jingmei Public Market

Jingmei Night Market boasts hundreds of vendors selling main dishes, snacks, desserts and restaurants. It is also where most of the students from the nearby Shih Hsin University buy their meals. Jingmei Night Market is known for Shanghai steamed buns, vermicelli, tofu pudding, saltwater chicken, glutinous rice, four flavored soup and barbecue. All the food is sold within a reasonable price, allowing students to dine here or take out within budget. The vendors in the night market close around 11 pm, but there are a few restaurants and vendors open until 2 in the morning.The night market area is not big. It covers Muzha Road to Jingzhong Street, but it is the best place to get food for locals. The night market is right by the Jingmei MRT Station, so stopping by for a quick meal or a visit by tourists has gradually become more and more popular.During the day time, Jingmei Public Market opens at the same location. It is a traditional Chinese market where the locals do their shopping. Then the night market takes over in the evening. It’s an old local night market which has been serving the locals for over 30 years. From food and clothes to hardware, and even games, you can find everything in this exquisite night market.

PX-Mart (全聯福利中心)

A –mart (愛買)


Jin Yuh Tarng Writing Tools Shop (金玉堂文具批發廣場)

EdoraPARK (瀚星百貨)

Holiday KTV(Karaoke)

Jing Mei Jiajia-Lailai Cinema (景美佳佳來來戲院)