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Dr. Thomas P. Lauth

Dean and Professor School of Public & International Affairs The University of Georgia, USA

 Course  Seminar in Public Budgeting
 Visiting Date  July 18-25, 2006
International Lectures
  1. Aaron Wildavsky’s papers and Allen Schick’s papers
  2. Naomi Caiden’s papers and Irene S. Rubin’s papers
  3. Philip G. Joyce’s papers and Katherine G. Willoughby and Julia E. Melkers’ papers
  4. Robert D. Lee, Jr.’s papers and Thomas P. Lauth’s papers
  5. Louis J. Fisher’s papers and James J. Gosling’s papers
Dr. Frank J. Thompson

Now: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Campus at Newark

Before: Professor II (highest rank), School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers-Newark, and Rutgers Center for State Health Policy, New Brunswick

Course Democracy and Public Administration: Enduring Challenges
 Visiting Date January 2-14, 2007
International Lectures
  1. Can Performance and Accountability Be Reconciled?
  2. Economic, Cultural, and Empirical Perspectives
  3. Chief Executives and Administrative Agencies
  4. Contending Institutions: Legislative Bodies, The Courts, and Federalism
  5. Private Administrative Agents and Democracy
  6. Civic Culture, Interest Representation, and The Quest For Reform
Dr. David L. Weimer

Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science, Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 Course Policy Analysis in the Policy Process and Institutional Design
 Visiting Date May 22 – June 7, 2009
International Lectures Part I: Policy Analysis in the Policy Process

  1. Overview of “Grand” Policy Process Models
  2. Policy Analysis and Policy Research
  3. Cost-Benefit Analysis

Part II: Institutional Design

  1. Introduction to Rational Choice Theory of Institutions
  2. Models of Delegation
  3. Case Study: Governance of U.S. Organ Transplantation
Jon S.T. Quah

Professor of Department of Politics, National University

 Visiting Date May 2-10, 2011
International Lectures Part I: Combating Corruption in Six Asian Countries

  1. Corruption: Causes, Consequences and Control Measures
  2. Combating Corruption in Japan, India and the Philippines
  3. Combating Corruption in Singapore and Hong Kong SAR
  4. Combating Corruption in Taiwan

Part II: Public Administration in Singapore

  1. Public Administration Singapore-Style
  2. PAP Government’s Philosophy of Governing Singapore
Emerson Niou

Professor of Political Science, Duke University

 Visiting Date May 14-15, 2012
International Lectures
  1. The Basics of Non-Cooperative Games: Normal-Form and Extensive-Form Games and Solution Concepts.
  2. Majority will, Condorcet’s Paradox of voting, and Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem
  3. Equity
Dr. Teh-wei Hu

Professor Emeritus, Graduate School Professor of Health Economics, University of California, Berkeley

 Course Regression Modeling for Policy Analysis
 Visiting Date October 17-19, 2006 & April 18-20, 2007
International Lectures
  1. Regression Model and Statistical Inference
  2. Qualitative Independent Variables
  3. Qualitative Dependent Variables
  4. Review of the Classical Model and Relaxing the Assumption of the Classical Model
  5. Autocorrelation and Time-Series Model
  6. Panel Data Regression and Simultaneous Equation Model
Dr. Frank Fischer

Professor, Political Science, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Campus at Newark

 Course Mainstream and Critical Perspectives in Public Policy Analysis
 Visiting Date May 13 – May 28, 2008
International Lectures
  1. Introduction: Mainstream and Critical Perspectives in Public Policy Analysis
  2. The Policy Process: Theory and Research
  3. Policy Agenda-Setting: The Sociopolitical Construction of Policy Problems
  4. Policy Formulation: Instruments, Networks, and Advocacy Coalitions
  5. Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Politics of Methodology
  6. Policy Adoption: Decision-Making and Legitimation
  7. Policy Implementation: Forging the Causal Chain
  8. Evaluation: From Outcomes to Criteria and Process
  9. The Argumentative Turn: Deliberative Policy Analysis
  10. Discourse and Narrative Policy Analysis
  11. Participatory Policy Analysis: Theory, Practices, and Cases
  12. Review and Conclusions

Professor, Department of Public Administration, University of Central Florida
Vice-chairman, American Society for Public Administration, ASPA

 Visiting Date May 10-13, 2010
International Lectures
  1. Backgorund of Local Government Management
  2. Local Government Management Reform
  3. Local Economic Development Approaches
  4. Development Planning
  5. Development Financing
  6. Development Issues and Challanges
公婷 教授

Professor, Department of Public Policy in City University of Hong Kong

Course Corruption Studies
Visiting Date April 16~17,2013
Experience & Research
  • Hong Kong Corruption Studies (April 16, 9:10-12:00, M735)
  1. BERTRAND DE SPEVILLE, Anticorruption Commissions: The “Hong Kong Model” Revisited.
  2. Ting Gong, Shiru Wang. Indicators and Implications of Zero Tolerance of Corruption: The Case of Hong Kong.
  3. Ian Scott (2013): Institutional Design and Corruption Prevention in Hong Kong, Journal of Contemporary China, 22:79, 77-92
  • China Corruption Studies (April 16, 13:30-16:20, M735)
  1. Ting Gong & Jianming Ren (2012): Hard Rules and Soft Constraints: regulating conflict of interest in China, Journal of Contemporary China, DOI:10.1080/10670564.2012.716941
  2. Kilkon Ko and Cuifen Weng (2012). Structural Changes in Chinese Corruption. The China Quarterly, 211, pp 718-­740 doi:10.1017/S0305741012000793
  3. 公婷、吳木鑾我國2000-2009年腐敗案例研究報告–基于2800余個報道案例的分析
  • Changing State-Society Relations in China (April 17, 9:10-12:00, M735)
  1. Teresa Wright, Accepting Authoritarianism: State-Society Relations in China’s Reform Era (Stanford University Press, 2010), Chapter 1.
  2. Andrew Mertha, “Fragmented Authoritarianism 2.0”: Political Pluralization in the Chinese Policy Process,” The China Quarterly, 2000 (December 2009): 995-1012